Be Prepared

February 13, 2011 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Once  you become a mom there are certain things that you are pretty much not without.  I’m sure there is a point where you stop carrying these items on your person but for me, for now, these are the things I always find myself “packing”:

-snacks: of both the salty and sweet variety

-wipes: will I never be without these?

-poop bags: even though Henry does not wear diapers, there is an endless use of the diaper disposal bags and I find I cannot leave them behind (no pun intended)

-crayons and paper: always a good go-to items when kids are starting to melt down

-aspirin/advil: because I always seem to be just a moment away from a headache

-water: because someone is always, always, always thirsty

-kleenex: because snot never, ever seems to go away

-hand sanitizer: because germs are always lurking

-miscellaneous garbage: from candy wrappers, used kleenex, sticker backings, straw wrappings…pretty much you name it.  Trash winds up in your purse and you have no idea how and/or why

-miscellaneous “friends”: my kids always seem to be in need of having a “friend” to travel with them.  It could be as small as a plastic dinosaur and as large as a beanie baby but I always seem to have a traveling companion.

-hand sanitizer:  something that I always want to have on hand too…because dang, shopping carts are nasty.

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