Baby Business

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I’m not sure how I found this link but click here to check out the trailer of a new documentary film entitled The Business of Being Born.    It examines the impact of business decisions made by hospitals to provide care for women giving birth.  Unfortunately the only screening in IL is in Springfield so I’ll have to wait until it is available for rental through NetFlix.  Just a little something that piqued my curiosity.


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One of my Sunday rituals is checking out the new secrets posted on PostSecret.  For those of you unfamiliar with PostSecret it started as an art project giving people an opportunity to share their secrets and release the burden they hold.  It has brought me to tears on many occasions and made me realize that although we are all different, we are more similar than we realize.  Take a few minutes and watch this video and see if it speaks to your heart as it did mine.  And do check out the website where new secrets are posted every Sunday.

Like a Prayer

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When I was pregnant with Bean I was attending my final semester at DePaul.  One of my classes involved volunteering time with an organization with a team of classmates.  Throughout the duration of our class I shared with my teammates that we had problems getting pregnant and were nearing the end of our journey.  We were attempting one last in-vitro cycle with a local physician and if it didn’t work we would be traveling to Colorado for our final cycle before hanging up our IVF needles.  A few weeks after I found out I was indeed pregnant and progressing “normally”, Jim told me that his prayer group had been praying for me.  I was blown away.  Basically I was a stranger and he had thought our quest for pregnancy was worth praying for.  I was honored.  I felt as though God answered my prayers.  And if there were a few more people praying for me well, we could use all the help we could get.

A week ago a local church youth group held a door-to-door food drive in our community.  While gathering a few canned goods for their cause, one of the girls asked if there was anyone we would like them to pray for.  My husband could not think of anyone…and neither could I.  I thought to myself, how LAME that we can’t think of one person to pray for.  Then I remembered friends of our were in the midst of an IVF cycle so we asked them to pray for them.  Our friends found out this past Monday that they are indeed pregnant.

So what is the power of prayer?  I’m not sure I know for sure but I figure it can’t hurt a cause, right?  So please, please, please if you are visiting this site as a regular reader (do I actually have those aside from family??) or come across this post or blog by accident say a prayer for Baby James.  He is a small boy adopted from South Korea who has had more than his share of fights to face in his short life.  It can’t hurt for us to open our hearts for this little man who seems braver than his age would allow and is fighting the good fight.

Thanks to Third Mom’s post which brought this blog to my attention.  I’m going to leave this post up for several days in hopes that many may visit and say a prayer for him.

Sunday, Bloody Hot Sunday

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Too hot to write or try to be creative enough to think of something to write.  I know, I know it’s a weak excuse…instead I offer the following blogs/web sites to check out:

Traveling to Korea for Alex – recently started blog by one of the fab four adopting from Lifelink.  Terah and her husband Chris* left this morning to meet their son Alex at ESWS in Korea. 

So Close – fab blog written by the Georgeous and Divine Tertia in South Africa.  Those who know me well know I speak of her often.  She has put pen to paper and written her infertility story for all to share.  Her book has just been published in South Africa and is headed to the states soon.

Naked Ovary – equally fab blogger who is anxiously awaiting arrival of her referral from China that should be delivered to her agency on Monday.  Her recent entries give good insight to coming down the home stretch in the adoption race.

Post Secret – I mentioned this site earlier but really encourage you all to visit each Sunday when new entries are posted.  It is such a moving site words don’t really do it justice.

Mommy’s With Style – this is a fun site that has hip, cool trends for moms.  Includes lots of discount codes for ordering on-line but beware: lots of these items are high end and expensive. But its fun to look and everyone once in a while I find a good deal I can afford.

Dlisted, Go Fug Yourself, Perezhilton and Gabsmash – all wonderfully catty celebrity websites just for fun!

*Thanks to K for catching my mistake!!  Told you it was hot out and I couldn’t think!


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Just a quick shout out today as we’ve just returned from the zoo and I’m beat.  Beer lovers out there be sure to check your local watering hole or liquor store for one of our favorites Fat Tire

The New Belgium Brewery based in Ft. Collins, CO produces some mighty fine beer not normally available East of the Mississippi.  Thanks to some divine beer gods, it is now available in Chicago (and elsewhere I’m sure) in absolutely beautiful 22 oz. inaugural bottles that just about bring me to tears. Even if you’re not a beer drinker its worth checking out their website.  They operate their entire brewery on wind power..and have since 1988.  Anyway, I’m tired and couldn’t think of a real post so I offer this up for your pure enjoyment.

A little perspective

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I’m feeling a bit down on myself today having returned from the disgusting task of bathing suit shopping.  Viewing all the cellulite and varicose veins on my body and coming to terms with the fact that the best suit that fit me was actually a maternity suit.  So I’m down on me, feeling sorry for me and my ugly body knowing full well that a little restraint in the eating department and increase in physical activity would certainly do a world of good to lift my spirits.  It’s all in my control – I have the power to change how I look and feel.

So I decided to surf some blogs I like to read and as commonly happens, I found myself way off track from my original search and landed at Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  This is a non-profit organization that specializes in infant bereavement photography to help create memories for parents experiencing the death of a baby.  The site contains beautiful images of families preserving the moments they share together.  It is highly moving and the images are real so please if you decide to visit the site, be aware you may not leave it the same person you are prior to visiting. 

Many of the infertile blogs I visit deal with loss of a child, something I cannot even fathom.  In fact to this day I am grateful that I never experienced a miscarriage especially after having Sophie.  I cannot imagine the depth of loss one must feel and perhaps always wondering what would my child be like if they had survived.

I think most people come to terms with this loss and take heart in thinking that it’s God’s way.  But for me, I would always be torn apart by that loss. Just visiting this website brought me to tears and I cannot imagine the strength these families have to hold them together.  I hope no one you know, or you yourself, are ever in need of these services.  But if you do, or someone you know and love does, I hope you remember this site and help them preserve these precious memories.

Check out this blog

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If you get a chance check out the blog PostSecret.  It's an interesting project that encourages people to anonomously share secrets by writing them on a post card and mailing them to PostSecret.  Writers can share happy, sad, mean, funny any kind of secret so long as it hasn't been told to anyone before. 

As a somewhat voyerestic society I find it an interesting place to visit.  It can make you laugh, sicken your stomach or bring you to tears.  Mostly, it makes you realize that despite our vast differences, we are all human beings with flaws.  Although we try to segrate ourselves into families and neighborhoods and clickes, we are more alike than we probably care to realize.

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