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Wanted:  a fun-loving girlfriend (not a girlfriend, girlfriend….a friend that is a girl with no physical/romantic implications thank you) to spend quality time with.  Must be funny and willing to discuss all topics of conversation from global politics/policy issues to what the fuck the mother of thus-and-so wore to drop her kid at preschool yesterday.  Preferably will have children around the 4 and 7-year-old mark so our kids can entertain themselves while we discuss menu planning, husbands and celebrity gossip.  Bonus attribute is the ability and desire to run, not great lengths mind you, just enough to keep the 40’s spread from spreading too far.  MUST, and this is non-negotiable, must like to drink but in a responsible manner of course.  Must live close by so we can easily foster our relationship and so the beer/wine/margaritas don’t get cold while we drive to each others houses.   Please submit all applications to this site and we will be in contact with you should your qualifications meet our expectations.

Checked In or Checked Out?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the responsibility of parents.  I don’t think I completely understood, or currently understand, the complexity of what it means to be a parent.  To be on call 24/7 regardless of age.  My mom is pretty much still the first person I want to call in a crisis and if she isn’t available then I call my older sister.  You have to be a mentor, a role model, a friend, a confidant, an enforcer, a cheerleader, an advocate, a protector.  All the time.  Until you die or become incapacitated to the point where the roles reverse and the child becomes the parent.  

There are times when I just don’t want to be the parent anymore.  I don’t want the responsibility of two small lives bearing their weight on my shoulders.  I want to get silly drunk and sleep until noon.  I want to slowly shop the mall and catch a movie or dinner with friends…without having to check-in to make sure someone can watch the kids.  But then that would mean I never had my kids.  And that I really cannot imagine.  I think of Henry’s birth parents in Korea and hope they have come forward to claim the letters and pictures I have sent since he came to live with us.  I hope they feel peace and comfort knowing that he is well and happy and loved.  I think of the miracle that is Sophie and how blessed we are to have her with us.

And now I think about the parents who do just quit their kids.  Maybe they cannot help it.  Maybe they can on some level but just don’t want the burden of responsibility anymore.  I’m sure there are a million situations and a million reasons why parents quit their kids.   My 15 year old niece is living with us because basically her parents have quit on her.  Not because she is trouble. She is an honor student.  She is an athlete.   She is kind and courteous and caring.  She has seen a lot of bad stuff in her 15 years and yet she has a drive and a desire to succeed that most people lack.  But her parents have quit on her.  They have decided that parenting just isn’t their thing right now…well, and honestly some of it is beyond them at this point due to serious personal circumstances.  But don’t we all have personal circumstances that, at times, makes it difficult to parent but how do you just quit your kids?  I can see quitting a spouse because they are adults and can fend for themselves but quitting a kid? 

So now I am parenting a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a 15 year old that I don’t know.   And I find myself absolutely lost, confused and furious that her parents have been allowed to check out on their daughter and leave her to live on her own.  I have to negotiate and navigate a course unknown to me on how to parent a child that belongs to someone else.  And to just let them check out.

Artful deception

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And so I wonder what they think when the see you from the outside.   You know, all the carefully choosen pictures you post on Facebook or My Space or your blog.  The happy, smiley “hey look we’re on vacation” photos or do they dare post the one where she stands just enough off to the side to make you think hmmm…I wonder what is really going on there.  Could they truly be that happy?  Or do they show us only what we want to see.  What we need to see to believe?


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It is raining…man is it raining.  Not a thunderous downpour but a nice steady light rain that qualifies as more than a drizzle.  I’m fixing dinner and feel the need for some music to which I play a “mix” compilation buried deep in the stacks of now almost defunct CD’s.

There are times when moments from the past come calling my name. It is triggered by a song. A smell. A particular change in the weather. And I am transported to a specific place and time when things were so carefree that I cannot imagine what worries I carried in my head and in my heart. I can be so easily taken back to these places and I wonder, can the younger me sense the older me watching, waiting, anticipating what will come next?  

Train.  Elvis.  I am transported to these places in my past.  I can feel them.  Taste them.  Recall them with startlingly clarity.  The Cure.  Jeff Buckley.  Where am I?  Lost between then and now.  Abba.  Go’Go’s.  Genesis.  Yes, it is a Genesis.  My Genesis.  And I am both lost and found within it.


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I am driving. Alone. It is early morning and I am without children which oddly feels as though I am without an appendage. But it is freeing, my temporary disability. And it is sunny and my face is warm in the morning sunlight so I pull out my shades to spare my face of a few more squint induced wrinkles. And then I hear it…or lack of it. It is the silence surrounding me. It is peaceful at first then becomes deafening. I need to stop it….I must stop it. But how I wonder. Then it comes to me….what else can I do now but roll down the window and let the wind blow back my hair…..and I cranked the tunes and loved every last minute of it.

Wiping off the dust

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Egads I haven’t written for ages.  Surviving a bathroom remodel, summer heat, trip to the lake for the 4th and preparing for the Boy King’s 2nd birthday.  Yes, second birthday.  Promise to write soon….promise.  Friend Cole has some things running through my head….

Tootie Nation

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Population: 2


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la·zy  [ley-zee]  1.  not eager or willing to work or exert oneself.  2.  sluggish.  3.  washing an entire load of clothes, regardless of color and/or fabric in one batch just so I can get it done quickly.


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Last week I went to the grocery store sans kids given the most recent issues with Henry and shopping.  It was around 8 pm and I was just running in to pick up a prescription that I kept forgetting to pick up.  Thankfully the cheery Osco Drug automated calling system was diligent on reminding me oh about three times a day that it was ready.  So to get that monkey off my back I ran out to get my drugs.

I parked my car in the second or third spot, very nice later at night when not too many people are shopping, and noticed a car parked near the door in the loading zone area with it’s hazard lights on.  As I crossed the main thoroughfare of the lot to enter the store, a second car pulled in front of the first and put their hazard lights on.  

I walked into the store, noticing the television screens hanging just above the entryway that gave split-screen shots of various views of the parking lot.  It brought to mind the grainy shots shown on CNN and such of violent acts committed against unsuspecting people as they went about their daily lives.  And then I thought again of the two cars parked just outside the door and my heart began to beat a bit faster.  My only stop was the pharmacy and it was basically a straight shot from the entrance door down the length of the store to the back corner.  I knew there was a door just to the left of the pick-up counter where product was stocked and stored so there must be an exit from that area of the store if I needed to make a hasty escape.  Thankfully there was no one else in line so I was quickly checked out and on my way out of the store.  When I exited, the two cars were gone and the night was calm and still.  And I started to wonder what it was that makes me panic in situations like these.

It’s not the first time I’ve planned an escape from an enclosed space.  Actually I find myself doing it quite frequently.  It doesn’t seem to happen in restaurants – but we don’t really eat out all that much.  It has always happened in the places I have worked.  I can’t remember not ever thinking about multiple escape routes from different areas of building based on different scenarios.  Picking hiding places that were easily accessible yet discrete enough that a perpetrator wouldn’t think to look in those spaces.  I always have my cell phone on me – except when I’m walking around my house or a family’s house.  I have this weird need to feel prepared….and I don’t spend a lot of time and energy on it.  I don’t obsess about it but I do sometimes feel the need to address it and make a plan. 

I also always diligently study the in-flight safety brochure whenever I fly.  I always wear all natural fiber clothing (cotton – no poly or blends) and non-heeled shoes in the event I need to make a quick get away.  I count the seat backs to the nearest two exits in the event the visibility in the airplane is zero so I can get myself out.  As an alternative I look at the passengers sitting the in seats to those exits to determine if I could climb over the seat backs to get to an exit if the aisle is crowded.

So what do you think?  Is it a girl thing?  Is it a Virgo thing?  Is there anyone else out there who thinks this same way sometimes?


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If you eat the whole box yourself within a 48-hour period, is it still considered a “low calorie” food?  What if after finishing the first box you buy a second and also consume it within an additional 48-hours?  I have no self control….

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