I Curse the Light of Day

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It’s been a while since I could mention a nice dream….and what a nice one it was.  I won’t share the nitty-gritty details but Josh Holloway and I were confronted with opposition to our relationship by my family.  Thankfully he is a stand-up kind of guy and fought for his right to see me.  Sigh…..

Lighten Up Francis

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I’ve been told that I have quite a good sense of humor.  It is too bad that my sense of fashion does not match it.  Really unless I see an outfit on display and buy it that way, I am completely helpless when it comes to picking out coordinating outfits.  I would be a prime candidate for adult granimals wear.  Needless to say I pretty much stick to solids in earth tones because it is easy, it matches and with two small kids at home I have no need for nice clothes.

So I’ve been sporting a few of my favorite tee shirts from Planet Mom (and I can say this in the most selfish way that I HATE sharing a link to their site in fear that everyone will rush out and get their own tee and my unique perspective of mommy life will be out in the masses.  But please do buy their tees!!!) especially this one as it is short-sleeve weather.   It makes me smiley inside and outside because I think it is wickedly funny and am awaiting more moms to give me the wink-wink, nudge-nudge in approval.  And what have I received instead?  Quite a few sideways glances and looks of disapproval!  So I say to those uptight bitches (just for you Cole) in my surrounding suburbs, lighten up Francis.  It’s a joke.

Friday Funny

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I just saw this commercial while watching the Today show (remember, no more GMA!) and I almost wet my pants.  A good little flashback for me when I remember attempting the back-up dancer moves at my sisters wedding….

Lost Highway

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So after years of teasing my neighbor CJ about her infatuation with Bon Jovi I had agreed to tag along the next time they played in Chicago.  Well that next time was this weekend and we went to the show last night.  Now I’m not a fan by any means – it isn’t my typical listening genre of music – but I also wouldn’t always turn a song or two of theirs off the radio.  I was a bit hesitant about my ability to enjoy the concert, concerned that I may not know enough of their songs to enjoy myself.   Mostly I was excited about Daughtry opening the evening. 

So here are a few pics of our fantastical view from the skybox compliments of CJ and her connections at her place of work who own the box:

Of course the pictures don’t even being to do justice to how wonderfully close we were to the stage. 

After all is said and done and I’m nursing one mutha of a bruise on my knee from bumping it into the low wall of the box while dancing and a very scratchy throat, I must say I’m converted.  I knew way more songs than I thought I would plus we sang and danced the ENTIRE concert.  So I’m planning on spending some time on itunes today downloading a supply of Bon Jovi songs to add to my ipod.  It was a great night out for me and a good time was had by all.  On that note, I’ll leave you with this:

I’m most certain he was reaching out to just us!!

Is it so wrong….

October 19, 2007 at 4:28 pm | Posted in Guilty Pleasures | 1 Comment

That I counted the minutes until my husband left for the weekend because: 1. I have a Sam Adams chilling in the fridge (ok, two Sams.  ok fine, a twevel of Sam but that has to last me Friday AND Saturday), 2.  I’m making a green olive, black olive and mushroom pizza and if I want, I CAN EAT IT ALL MYSELF and 3.  a king-size bed I don’t have to share with someone who snores.

 Yeah for me!

Shall We Play A Game?

April 17, 2007 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Guilty Pleasures | 2 Comments

So I opened by big mouth or fat fingers and asked Cole at Blahblahblahto interview me.  See she found a new BFF, Pointless-Drivel, in blog-land and they are part of a little blog game.  Ever so much the joiner I begged to have Cole interview me.  A-hem….why now that I have seen her questions I’m not so sure.  But here is the deal: a blogger asks to be interviewed (that would be me) by a fellow blogger already in the game (that would be Blahblahblah).  Gaming blogger emails interviewing blogger a list of five questions to be answered on blog.  Then then interviewing blogger invites any and all blogger/readers to ask to be interviewed providing the same courtesy of posting the answers on their blog with links back to the interviewer thus keeping the game going.  Capiche? 

Here we go:

WARNING:  My friend Cole apparently has a wicked sense of humor and one of the questions is a bit um, shall we say personal.  Friends and family I urge you to read with caution.

1.  So, DriverEight, where are you going and what kind of car are you driving?  I’m on the road to nowhere fast in my bitchin’ 88 Nissan Sentra.

2.  If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why do you change that versus some other thing?  How would it make your life better?  Well technically this is really three questions so I may not answer the other questions you’ve asked.   Ha…alas I am a good sport.  I would change my hair.  It is wavy but not curly enough to really be worn curly and not straight enough to wear straight without a lot of work put into it.  Then if it is even remotely humid, forget it.  The straight attempt gets really ugly and the curly attempt just gets frizzy.  The other things I would consider changing (my complexion, my weight) can be changed with better diet and exercise or actually washing my face before I go to bed at night.  I’m just lazy. 

Why my hair?  Again because the other things I would want to change I can change if I put some time and attention to it.  With my hair it’s just not gonna change.  I’d love to be able to go outdoors in the summer and just let my hair be flat or curl more because the humidity got it but with my hair that just won’t happen.  I’d love to wear some of the really cute, sleek styled but I can’t because of the texture of my hair.  I’ve basically had the same hairdo for the majority of my life and I’ve never liked it.  Never.  I would just like to never have to think about what I’m going to do with my hair today and almost break out into a nervous sweat about it.

3.  As far as adoption goes, why Korea?  Well…when we started this whole process we felt that domestic adoption was not for us.  Way too scary in terms of the openness and possibility of a birth parent changing their minds in the 11th hour.  International seemed our best fit.  When investigating countries we wanted to be placed with a child as young as possible as well as have the option to not travel as we have a 3-1/2 year old daughter that would not be traveling with us.  This means we’d have to ask family to take time off work to watch her for us which we didn’t really want to have to do.  So Korea was the best fit for us.

Funny how now that we’re at the point we’re at (baby home, adjusting to life as a family of four) the things that attracted us to the program didn’t come into play.  Yes, our son was young at the time he was placed with us.  But we learned that his birth parents had visited him prior to him traveling home with us which is pretty much unheard of at the agency we used in Korea.  Plus we wound up traveling to Korea to pick him up due to a shortage of escorts which in retrospect was the best thing we could have done.  We got to see the country and meet his foster mother which is priceless.  I mean, I think back on the 2-1/2 hours we spent with this woman and my heart is filled with emotion. 

Since we knew his birth parents had kept close tabs on him while he was in foster care, we’ve sent a letter to both his foster mother and his social worker along with pictures at the end of each month since he has been home.  We feel it is important that they know he is doing well and is loved.  His social worker will place the letters and pictures in a file for the birth parents to have in the event they request them.  We have very strong feelings that they will and have no intention of stopping our communication with them.  So in a sense our “closed” international adoption is a bit open.

4.  What is your favorite sexual position and why?  So I don’t ever talk about things this personal with anyone really so I honestly can’t start in on specifics now.  But I will say that I don’t necessarily have a favorite as what may be a good position one time may not be another.

5.  What is your most obnoxious personality trait and who would agree with you?  It is my need to orchestrate and organize things in a way that please me.  So regardless if the outcome is the same I want it done my way.  Example: making pizza I put sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese.  If my husband makes it out of that order I would say, “Why are you doing it that way?  The pepperoni goes on first because it is flatter and easier to put the mushrooms on top of them rather than the other way around.”  The pizza will taste the same and he’s making it so I shouldn’t give a hoot how he puts it together.  But I always seem to feel the need to comment on it.  My sisters would agree….

So all you folks out there, especially those with a blog, if you want to keep this going just post a comment asking me to interview you.  All I ask in return is you link back to my blog and Blahblahblah, be open to answering my five questions and posting them on your blog.  I will interview as many people that ask…come on….let’s play!

On the Lighter Side of Life

December 7, 2006 at 10:46 am | Posted in Guilty Pleasures | 2 Comments

Ok Sara….I want to see you do this now that you have your treadmill. 

Just for Fun

September 19, 2006 at 5:41 am | Posted in Guilty Pleasures | 1 Comment

Can you resist the temptation?  Click here to find out….

Thanks to Rubyslippers for the idea….

Guilty Pleasures…installment #2

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My FAVORITE reality show, Big Brother, started last night!  Woo hoo!!!!  This year the idea is for America to vote for some of their favorite characters from past seasons to populate the Big Brother house.  The 3 men and 3 women receiving the most votes are guaranteed entrance to the house which starts airing new episodes on July 12th on CBS.  I'm not sure how the remaining 7 house guests will be choosen.

The idea is they take strangers and put them in a house isolated from all television, radio, telephone, etc.  During their stay they perform tasks that are both physical and mental for certain rewards.  Some rewards are luxury rewards, material prizes, trips, or food.  There are two coveted prizes: the first is Head of Household or HOH.  This position grants a private living suite for the current HOH which includes goodies and pictures from home.  The HOH nominates two house guests for eviction which the remaining house guests vote on.  Jut prior to eviction, there is another competition for the second coveted prize: the power of Veto or POV.  The winner of POV can use their Veto to remove one of the two house guests from the eviction block at which time the HOH must nominate another house guest in the veto'd house guests place.  If a house guest who is up for eviction wins POV, they can use it to save themselves.

It sounds a little complicated but it's not that bad. If you enjoy a little mindless television viewing, check it out (Come on Carole!!!).  You have to stick with it for a couple of weeks though because it takes a little time for all the personalities to start blending. 

I've picked my top 6 house guests above and hope to see them in the BB7 house in July.  You can check out the show details and personal profiles at CBS:Big Brother 7. Give it a try…you just may like it!

Guilty pleasures…a series of ongoing confessions

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So I have to admit that I enjoy reality television – not all reality but some high quality reality is good for me.  One of my obsessions, The Amazing Race, is airing its final episode tonight.  For those of you who don't watch the premise is this: teams travel around the world while completing physical and intellectual tasks in a race for $1 million dollars. 

So tonight it's down to three teams: a couple who are dating that are kinda bland but work well together, 2 guy friends who look like "frat boys" and 2 guy friends that are stuck somewhere in the '60's.  I'm not quite sure who my favorites are but you can check it out at the CBS website for all the details.

Edited to add:  So sad to see the hippies won…all because the frat boys, who confessed to being college drop-outs despite their nick name, didn't know the flags that corresponded with the countries they visited.  Not that I would even begin to pretend to know these things….

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