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s h jump by you.

I suck…I know it.  It has been forever since I’ve posted or written.  I have a lot on my mind, most of which I’m hesitatnt to write about because it involves a family member who is young and I don’t feel it would be fair to her to air my feelings here.

I’m overdue on posting about Henry’s 3rd birthday last month.  And our visitors from Denmark.  And our new houseguest.  And so many other things.  So a photo will have to suffice.  I love this….the carefree life of kids in the summer.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


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Behold the latest addition to the extended family: my sister’s dog Cooper:

cooper by you.

Ya Hey Der

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We took another trip up to the lake a week or so ago so here’s a fresh round of pics:

My nephew Brent testing out the waterslide:

brent on waterslide by you.

Henry’s first ride on the waverunner:

h waverunner cry by you.

It got better:

h ed waverunner by you.

Sophie’s first waverunner ride:

s ed on waverunner by you.

Niece Kate buried in the sand:

kate head sand by you.

Sophie and Henry on a walk to see the waterfall:

s and h waterfall walk by you.

And our destination (I have no idea whatsoever where Sophie came up with this pose but it was the pose of the weekend):

s h goofy waterfall by you.

Walk Like an Egyptian

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s and h in water by you.

Summer in a Basket

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cherries 1 by you.


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h with inchworm by you.

When the Prince is Away

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mm princess by you.

The princesses will play.  I know the green M&M’s have the “reputation” but it’s the quiet yellow ones you really have to look out for.


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