Anatomy 101

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Whilst I steal a few moments on the computer to check the latest celebrity gossip, Sophie and Henry are coloring on the floor of our teeny, tiny work area (it’s so small I can’t even call it a den).  Sophie colors a picture of Henry complete with yellow mohawk then moves on to a snowman where the following conversation takes place:

Henry:  Snowmen have a penis and a butt on them. 

Sophie:  No they are just made of snow.

Henry: No!   Snowmen have a penis and a butt on them.

Sophie:  Did they have any big bumps on the bottom?

Henry:  Yes!

 Sophie:  No they didn’t.  They are just made out of snow.  Only humans have those bumps.

Well thank goodness for that. 

Conversations with Sophie – Act 12

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Sleepy Mom cannot believe her son has the audacity to wake before 7 am on a Sunday.  After traipsing upstairs to assure him it is much too early to get out of bed she wearily climbs back into bed.  Just short of drifting off to sleep she hears a faint sound or perhaps a voice.  While straining to decipher the noise, again calls the son.  Mom stumbles into the family room to find her bright eyed and bushy tailed daughter engaged in a serious case of creative play with animal friends.  To which she begins to instruct:

Mom:  Sophie lower your voice because Daddy and Mallorie are still sleeping.

Child begins a non-stop barrage of sneezing and coughing and otherwise bodily-fluid inducing gestures to which Mom recoils in fear of sudden illness transfer.  Stunned Mom can hardly believe two days into the school year child is already sporting signs of festering germs.

Mom:  Sophie – cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze!

Sophie:  Mom I know!  But the garbage can made me sneeze.

Letting Go….a little

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I’m standing on my driveway and a blanket of grey covers the skies.  Every once in a while a slight breeze blows the dampness from the leaves and it trickles down my cheek but it’s not a tear.  Even though my heart is racing as much as yours is and your laugh echos through the quiet neighborhood.  The anticipation in the air is thick.  You are so giddy and I am so anxious and I know it is time to let go….a little.  To let you soar.  To let you roam free and test your independence.  And I will be here waiting for you to hear all about your amazing adventure today.  I will wonder what you did and who you met and if everyone was nice to you.  And if you were nice to everyone in return.  It is the beginning of a life that is secret and separate from you life “with” me.  One that I will only be privy to based on what you share with me.  Secondhand.  So, go forth little Bean…who is not so little anymore, and open your eyes, heart and mind to the beginning of your independent life.  School life.

s first day by you.

My Little Graduate

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Today is a monumental day for us as we celebrate Sophie graduating from Pre-School. Seems almost silly to have a pre-school graduation but actually it makes sense – finishing out two years at one location to move on to “real” school with the big kids. She was a bit apprehensive about going to “congratulations” as she was calling it but bucked up like a champ once we got to her school.

Here’s a shot of her walking in with her classmates:

Swalking in by you.

It was a typical pre-school program full of songs and dance:

s graduation dance by you.

We laughed and got a bit teary as this first major milestone for our first born.  Next year we have Kindergarten with a bus and everything.  I’m not quite ready for that but I have all summer to adjust to her new endeavor in the fall.

I’m so, so proud of my Bean….

s mommy graduation by you.


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It’s been a long, long, long day.  And it’s been a hot day.  And we’re all tired.  Physically.  Mentally.  I don’t want to do the whole bath routine.  Honestly I’d rather have someone pull out my fingernails with needle-nose pliers.  But I do it because I know how much better you sleep when your body is clean.  In clean sheets.  With cool air circulating all around you.  I pull the covers right up to her chin and she snuggles down into her cocoon, preparing for sleep.  Then it comes.  “Mommy?  Will you sleep with me for this little?”  (Imagine a sweet almost 5 year old holding her index finger and thumb about a half-an-inch apart).  And how can I refuse?  All I want to do is get myself into the shower and wash off the heat and salt and musk of the day and crawl into my own sanctuary and into the dizzy preface of sleep.  But I’ve lied to her so many times about escaping downstairs to do laundry or the dishes or put on my jammies and I promise I’ll be right back….and by the time I check her she is sweating the sweet sweat of sleepy childhood dreams and I tiptoe down to my own bed.  But there is something about her sleepy sweet smile tonight so I climb in beside her and a myriad of stuffed friends.  She hands me the giraffe that we share and giggle about the funny things we did today.  Her eyes are glassy and her body gently shifts to find that right spot to drift away.  Her eyes are closing.  Softly.  Her breathing is slowing, embracing the spiral into sleep.  And she reaches over in her pre-sleep daze and rests her hand on my arm.  And my heart is melted at the simplicity of the gesture.  A reassurance that I will be there as she slips away into her magical dreamland.

Women and Children First

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This was a very elaborate rescue mission by two firefighting Rescue Heroes (unfortunately not pictured here.)  This makeshift lifeboat is actually a bed from a dollhouse and there was talk of sharks and whales….thankfully Pocahontas took the helm and led them all to safety.

Hey Gilligan….

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When “helping” Daddy and Uncle Pat ready the boat for water, don’t use the captain’s seat post as a megaphone.

Oh the Irony

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I wanted to run to Target really quickly this morning as I realized that a pair of shorts I bought needed to be returned.  I also needed to pick up a more summery purse for the few times I venture out and feel the need to carry an actual purse.  I digress….so I load up the kids one of which is coming off a 3 day fever and one who seems to be on the upswing of the 3 day fever.  I promise them I only need to return the shorts….and look for a purse….and a pair of faux crocks for Henry….and… know how Target goes.

So they were very, very patient and well behaved so we took a swing through the toy asile.  Never a good idea really.  As we began the negotiations on par with a UN summit I’m sure, we settled on two very small items each under $5.  Henry got a way cool John Deere tractor and Sophie picked out a polly-pocket type Cinderella doll with impossibly small rubber-type clothes.  She already has an Ariel version of the same and I figured she might just like to have a friend to talk to.

We get home and open the toys and off the children play quietly….well, not really quietly but play none the less.  When out of the quiet comes the shrieking of my daughter for help.  I inquire of what is the trouble and she points to the shoes included in the doll set.  Two pair: one a lovely pink with a bow and of course a pair of glass slippers.  What Cinderella would be complete without the glass slippers?  I manage to get a hold of the minuscule shoe and try as I might it will not fit on her foot.  The pink ones fit fine but the glass slippers….not a chance.  Sorry Prince Charming.  You picked the wrong princess.

The Bird is the Word

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Never in a million years would I imagine that Sophie would enjoy the company of a bird so much.  I fear we may need to buy her one for her birthday…

Major thanks to Brent for sharing his pet with us this weekend!!!

Conversations with Sophie – Act 10

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Tired mom is trying to wake enough to ensure she doesn’t fill sippy cups with coffee and her mug with milk while children dine on a scrumptious breakfast of waffles and powdered sugar doughnuts.  In a moment of clarity mom realizes she only has two cold diet cokes in the refrigerator which surely will not last past 11 am.  She sprints to the basement to fetch reinforcements and upon returning to the kitchen she hears:

Sophie:  Henry when you get bigger, you can drink beer.

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