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I heard a song on the radio yesterday and have fallen in love with Brandi Carlile.  The song I heard was Turpentine but there wasn’t any video on YouTube I could post except this one.  If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan you may recognize her voice as she has had several of her songs featured on their show.

Brandi Carlile – The Story – Grey’s Anatomy


One for all the Mom’s

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Thanks to beth for sharing this with me so I can share it with you….

Check these out…

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For lack of a better idea because honestly my head is filled with thoughts of sugar plum fairies and all things Christmas, I offer up some more things I’m diggin’.  This time I’m focusing on mother’s jewlery because I think I really want to indulge in something that celebrates my muthahood without being tacky.  I’ll offer apologies up front to any mothers out there sporting the more traditional approach to mother’s jewlery.  Those who know me know my approach to my appearance is pretty low key and I just can’t pull the traditional look off.  So here we go:

The first designer that caught my eye was Mommy Tags– very hip, very minimalist sterling silver dog tag type charms on a beaded necklace.  Some bonus features of these tags are they’re made from recycled film and handcrafted by stay at home mom’s.  Not only do they feature tags for Mom but for Dad and kids as well.  They’re so hip and cool celebrity Mom’s Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing sport Mommy Tags of their very own.

I had previously posted about a thumbprint charm by Tina Steinberg that I would really love to have made once  Henry is home.  (Edited to add that Ms. Steinberg commented on the blog and indicated that her designs to catch the ridges in fingerprints and are organically hand made rather than machine pressed.  Excellent and thanks for the clarification!!!)  Then I came across a similar approach made by Magic Dog Studiosthat takes the process step further.  See the Tina Steinberg approach is basically just an indentation in metal but the Magic Dog Studios actually captures the ridges in fingerprints for you to wear close to your heart.  They can also translate your favorite art images created by your children into charms.  This site is a must see…amazing stuff, really.

I’m not sure how I came across Holly Marie Jewlery but it was most likely via Mommies With Style or Junk in our Trunk.  Anyway she does an amazing job of offering up not only simplistic stamped name charms but really delicate and tasteful mini photo charms that are the bomb.  Her site is really worth a good look.

Finally I offer up Suzanne Myers jewlery.  Again along the same concept lines as I’ve mentioned above but a little more rustic looking.  She also has the option to add beading to each creation to truly make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is customized for you alone.

So although I missed the Christmas wish list window, there is still plenty of time to hint around for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Just think, it would take all the guesswork out of it for your husband/significant other/partner and you’d both be happy.  Sounds like a good deal on both ends.

A few of my favorite things…right now

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I’ve been wanting to order this tee shirt so I can wear it on days like today when I’m just having a sucky day.  Perhaps it would offer up an understanding of my emotional duress in absence of a swollen belly and people would just shut their yaps and back away slowly. 

Another tee I really like is this one….Kathy Griffith actually wore it on her show and I’d love to buy one for cyber friend Tertia who I think would really get a kick out of it she being a wine lover and all.  Here is another along the same line with cute graphics to go with it. 

How rockin’ is this little guy?  Do any of you know who he is and what his story is all about?  I will finally buy one of these once we get Brother’s referral.  I’ll also purchase the book so we can share the story about tolerance of being different….oops….I guess I just gave it away.

The other little trinket I’d like to get after Brother arrives is a set of these.  What a great way to capture a moment in time to remember when he and Sophie are young. 

I got Sophie one of these tees and just can’t wait until it is cooler outside so she can wear it.  And I’m trying very hard not to buy her one of these but darn it, I just may have to.  I’m also dying to get her one of these….how flippin’ cute is that?

Last but not least, a bit of truly wishful wishing.  I told Ed when we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (in 2008) I’d love to go somewhere or somewhere else to renew our vows.  We’ll probably wind up some place like here (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but maybe we can seal the deal with this little lovely.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

So that’s what I’m diggin right now….how about you?


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Most people who know me know that I am a very vivid dreamer.  Even to the point of being absolutely absurd….seriously absurd.  Last night I had a pretty average dream but am so thankful I remembered it. 

I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details of the dream because honestly it wasn't that exciting or absurd.  The gist of the dream was that I had been traveling with my friend Carole and recall some specifics about the inside of the airplane.  I also recall how thankful I was that I didn't have to lug my stroller around with me because it would make travel so much easier.  We disembark from the plane and I'm walking through the terminal that is very sparse, almost industrial feeling.  There are other people going about their travel business and as I am walking through the terminal, that seems to have no end, I keep looking back for someone.  I have the distinct feeling that I'm searching for someone specific and wondering if they are searching for me.  Then I catch a glimpse….

It's him.  I can see his shoulder because he is wearing a deep navy pinstriped suit and it is in such contrast to everyone else he is easy to follow through the crowd.  But I can't see his face to see if he is looking for me too.  I feel we have spent time together on the trip I am returning from but I am afraid that I'm more into him than he is into me.  If I could only see his face I might be able to see if he is looking for me.  There are too many people between us and although I want to see him, I continue walking away from him.  I keep looking back to see if he is looking for me but I still can't see his face.  I know his gate is coming up soon so I stop and slowly turn to see if I can see him.  Can I see him seeing me?  And I do see him….and slowly he looks towards me…..and he is seeing me….and he wants to see me….and he gives me his signature smile and I know that he wanted to see me…..and he slowly turns into the departure area for his flight…..and he is gone.  But he wanted to see me….sigh….

Who was he, I hope you're asking.  It was one of my favorite men…and I love when I dream about people I'm crushing on.  Especially because my dreams are so real from an emotional standpoint.  Ok, ok…it was him:

Anderson Cooper.  And I know why it was him…besides the fact that I have always liked men with salt-and-pepper hair, his sharp features and piercing blue eyes that he so perfectly accents with crisp blue shirts and ties, I placed a reserve on his memoir Dispatches from the Edge at the library last week.  A girl's got to dream, doesn't she?

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