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Here’s a couple of quick shots from Halloween.  This is only the second Halloween Sophie has picked something to dress up as and pretty much stuck with it from day one.  Last year was Tinkerbell, this year a kitty:


She looks so grown up to me in this picture..and tall…and skinny.   But honestly…I have no idea where the alter-ego personality below is coming from.  I must check under her bed for the pod from which this creature emerged:

Perhaps it is a good thing that the Cheeta Girl got voted off dancing with the stars.  I may have underestimated her influence on my sweet and shy daughter.

And you may be wondering why there aren’t many pictures of Henry these days.  Well…this is pretty much how it goes with him.  The first shot gets off pretty well:

Then the remainder pretty much look like this because he has yet to really understand that my camera is off limits:

Well at least you can see his bottom molars are in.



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She is the thing I am most proud of in my life; my perserverence to bring her into this world when I thought all hope was lost.  Feeling her grow inside me, always having her with me during those first nine months.  A sort of secret society of two hearts beating as one.  Her time inside me was uneventful, especially considering all we went through to make her.  Her delivery was flawless.  And this was the first time I saw her:

If I had to pick only one favorite picture of her it would be this one.  It is my first memory of her in the flesh.  Touching her, smelling her, looking into her eyes when she heard my voice.   And now, four years later….four years….it is merely a drop in the hat but it seems like forever in the same breath.  She’s growing too fast….I want to freeze time and savor every minute.  But I can’t….so I just love you the only way I know how.  Fully and completely. 

Happy 4th Birthday my beautiful Bean.

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