Oh the Irony

June 23, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Sophie stuff | 2 Comments
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I wanted to run to Target really quickly this morning as I realized that a pair of shorts I bought needed to be returned.  I also needed to pick up a more summery purse for the few times I venture out and feel the need to carry an actual purse.  I digress….so I load up the kids one of which is coming off a 3 day fever and one who seems to be on the upswing of the 3 day fever.  I promise them I only need to return the shorts….and look for a purse….and a pair of faux crocks for Henry….and…..you know how Target goes.

So they were very, very patient and well behaved so we took a swing through the toy asile.  Never a good idea really.  As we began the negotiations on par with a UN summit I’m sure, we settled on two very small items each under $5.  Henry got a way cool John Deere tractor and Sophie picked out a polly-pocket type Cinderella doll with impossibly small rubber-type clothes.  She already has an Ariel version of the same and I figured she might just like to have a friend to talk to.

We get home and open the toys and off the children play quietly….well, not really quietly but play none the less.  When out of the quiet comes the shrieking of my daughter for help.  I inquire of what is the trouble and she points to the shoes included in the doll set.  Two pair: one a lovely pink with a bow and of course a pair of glass slippers.  What Cinderella would be complete without the glass slippers?  I manage to get a hold of the minuscule shoe and try as I might it will not fit on her foot.  The pink ones fit fine but the glass slippers….not a chance.  Sorry Prince Charming.  You picked the wrong princess.

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