Grandma Love

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It’s the best…..

Go Ask Alice

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When having Tea with a giraffe and a bug is it in poor taste to ask the hostess to make yours a Long Island Iced Tea?

I Can’t Drive 55

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This is Bean and her friend J taking a cruise around the backyard a couple of weeks ago.   I don’t know whose expression is funnier…..

The Usual Suspects

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Shout out to Fling Poo for the photo idea.  Dora, Diego and Friends are a staple in our house….I just never quite looked at them so closely until recently.

Neighborhood Watch

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Sleep…perchance to dream

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Driver Eight…take a break

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And the train conductor says, take a break, driver eight, driver eight take a break we’ve been on this shift too long.  And the train conductor says, take a break, driver eight, driver eight take a break, we can reach our destination, but we’re still a ways away.

When I thought about starting a blog, Driver Eight was just how I felt.   On a long trip to building a family that was taking way too long on a very bumpy road but finally headed in the right direction to completion.  Now I feel I’ve reached my destination so where does that leave me?

Many of my favorite blogs seem to be signing off for either personal reasons or just because their journey has ended and the void that blogging filled is full.  There are times when I love writing things here and there are times when I just can’t even look at the computer.  It feels like I should be writing something because people do visit here…although I’m not sure who all of you are.  I’ve mostly thought you are family or friends checking in on the kids.  Some of you have become friends via the blogosphere and I read you daily.

I’m not planning on leaving my blog…but I’m not going to be writing as much as I used to (which really isn’t saying much because I didn’t really write that much).  Instead my blog is going to focus on keeping friends and family abreast (I’m so mature….when I was in the working world I used to silently giggle any time someone would use that word.  Spoken or written.)  of what’s going on in our little corner of the world primarily with pictures and not so much gab.  This way I can focus on doing something that I love which is taking pictures of the kids and not having to worry about coming up with something witty to write.  I was going to start a new blog but decided I would just transform this blog as I have been transformed by the completion of my family.  

So I’m sure I’ll still write here and there but for the most part I’ll be posting a picture every day or two of the people, places and things that I love.  So stay tuned….good things (hopefully) to come.

Stand Tall

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Man am I in trouble.  Bean didn’t even crawl until she was almost 12 months old although she walked by the time she was 14 months.   He is a man on the move…

Conversations with Sophie – Act 6

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In the ongoing saga that is potty training, weary Mom often joins stubborn toddler in the bathroom in an attempt to quell fears of pooping on the toilet.  Fade in: weary Mom’s ass has permanent toilet ring around it and is numb to the core.  Giddy toddler is berating Mom with questions.

Sophie: You going poop Mommy?

Mom:  Yes, I’m going poop.  Are you going poop?

Sophie:  Nope.  Is your poop green because you ate a pickle for lunch?

God I love the simplicity of their thinking.

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